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Abidjan – Ivory Cost – Ivory Coast


Ivory Coast Loosen Lockdown Rules

We previously discussed the news that Côte d’Ivoire participated in making restrictions on the people. Just like other countries, Ivory Coast is also experiencing overwhelmed overcoming the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

It is no longer a secret, all countries do have the same case but with a different number of infections. Handling is more or less the same and the rules made basically not much different because many countries follow the advice of WHO.

Ivory Coast Loosen Lockdown Rules

In Ivory Coast yesterday just made curfew rules and travel restrictions or crowded is called lockdown. Close all restaurants, schools, offices and places already carried out Ivory Coast.

Since the death toll of 20 people in the West African country, all activities have been closed and the entire community is required to follow the rules set by the government to reduce the spread of the virus.

But after more than a month of lockdown in various areas in Ivory Coast, the government finally began to relax the restrictions. All sectors will return to normal or reopen except Abidjan region.

Freedom or Allowance for Lockdown Not in All Regions

Almost all regions will feel freedom again, except for the capital Abidjan. The city has not yet received a permit to ease Lockdown because the city is the majority of the most cases of viral infections in Ivory Coast.

In addition to the good news about the number of deaths that have not increased, there is quite viral news because Ivory Coast residents destroyed the corona virus inspection center.

Many residents came to the location and shouted “we don’t need this”. This incident is estimated because the local residents did not agree with the existence of the building which was considered too close to residential areas.

Actually what happened was due to the lack of information obtained by the local community that the building or place was only a place of examination not treatment of infected patients.

This news is already being heard throughout Africa. Perhaps this incident was due to the lack of counseling about co-19 in Ivory Coast residents so that there was a great fear felt by each of these communities.

How to Get Money When Lockdown

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Ivory Coast Declares Corona Virus Emergency

As you all know, the world is currently experiencing a pandemic problem which is quite shocking to all countries. Not a single country has escaped or managed to escape from this one problem.

All countries share this one issue. All 7 continents were overwhelmed and all racked their brains how to distance or eliminate this case.

Health problems are becoming the first priority for all countries. Corona virus or commonly called covid-19 became the most terrible plague today.

Ivory Coast Declares Corona Virus Emergency

All plans in 2020 are delayed because of this epidemic which is very fast attacking humans. Unquestionably, most countries are implementing new rules to protect their people from this virus.

Not only in large countries, Ivory Coast is now also declaring a corona virus emergency since last March. The Ivorian country has imposed travel restrictions and a curfew.

Ivory Coast’s country policy is due in March when corona virus cases increased rapidly throughout the country in Africa. Initially, on the first day, 25 cases of infection were found in Ivory Coast.

President Ouattara began to make a curfew policy and also ordered all restaurants not to operate temporarily. It is not just ivory coast, other borders such as Burkina Faso and others joined the lockdown because of the high cases of infection in Africa.

Lockdown For Peoples

It is undeniable that this is not a matter of one country alone. This has become a problem with one world because they have to fight against viruses.

The Ivory Coast last year has just experienced an economic improvement from various sectors. And because of this pandemic, the President has not yet issued a policy for lockdown.

Restrictions on new activities are carried out and expect all people to follow the rules imposed such as wearing masks, curfew limits, not traveling or traveling far from the domicile of residence, and not in a crowd. And this is the first action to reduce the spread of corona virus in Ivory Coast.


The president of Ganding Beach who ran for 3 times

Maybe some of you feel strange with the name of this country. How can a country name include the word beach? Here will be explained a little to those of you who don’t know what Ivory Coast is.

Ivory Coast is a country in West Africa which is directly bordered by guinea, mall, burkina faso, and Ghana.

What is being discussed now is that the topic is not about Ivory Coast information, but rather about the Ivory Coast President. This news is still hot to be news in Ivory Coast.

You all know President Alassane Ouattara is finally running for number one in Ivory Coast. His age of 77 years did not give up to continue to be a high official of the country.

The president of Ganding Beach who ran for 3 times

He is indeed an intelligent and educated person. He is an economist who was once the Ivory Coast prime minister. His degree in business and economics makes him quite smart in managing the country.

Before becoming an important person of the country, he had worked at the Central Bank of the West African State which made him move to Paris. And the first time he could become a prime minister was when he returned home in 1990 because of the president’s request to implement a policy of trimming the financial budget.

At that time Ivory Coast was having a problem, namely being in debt and he was appointed prime minister because he was considered to have extraordinary experience.

Ivory Coast countries and communities

Initially he could not run for president because of the issue of citizenship, and the outcome of the negotiations was that Ouattara was able to run for Ivory Coast president.

His obsession to run for office has been read since he canceled the law on Ivory Coast presidential term limits in 2016.

Continuing to run is not a big problem for Ivory Coast countries and communities, last year the country has become a country whose economic growth is quite rapid compared to other countries in West Africa. Economic growth is assisted by the agricultural sector, construction and others.